We have the organisation to be able to carry out corporate services to companies with businesses in any point of the country or abroad, in the following areas:

Auditing and Accounting

– Audit opinion – professional audit report on the Annual Accounts.

– Consolidation of the Annual Accounts of companies in the same group.

– Preparation of accounting manuals.

– Opinion on general, cost and management accounting practices and procedures.

– Investment and financial studies, analysis and consulting.

– Company auditing, rating and evaluation for sales, acquisitions and liquidations.

– Fraud auditing and investigation.

– Consulting on the application of internal audit and control systems and on the organisation of financial internal audit departments in companies.

Management consulting

– Studies of organisation and strategic planning.

– Financial and investment plans.

– Outsourcing services.

– Management consulting for small and medium businesses.

– Budgeting and budget control assistance.

– Study and preparation of feasibility plans.

– Information systems

– Cost accounting and analysis of the companys different performance areas.

– Management of capital and patrimony.

– Studies of new projects.

Companies evaluation and patrimony

– Determination of the companys substantial value for mergers, separations or liquidations.

– Up-dated value of the Tangible fixed Assets (land and buildings, technical equipment and machinery, tools, furniture and fixtures.

– Up-dated value of the Intangible Assets(concessions, patents, licenses, trademarks and others)

– Evaluation and determination of company goodwill.

– Stock evaluation (raw materials, finished and semi-manufactured products).

We use internationally accepted evaluation systems or criteria for determining the usage value, replacement value and/or the market value depending on the order received. For this kind of work we have architects and engineers associated to our firm.

Tax and juridical consulting

– Legal counsel to companies.

– Assistance in any juridical and mercantile proceeding.

– Consulting on management of patrimony.

– Processing of administrative dossiers at Government Agencies.

– National and international tax planning.

– Permanent fiscal consulting and diagnosis.

– Relations with the Taxation Authority.

– Technical-professional assistance in tax audits.

– Tax return preparation and review.

– Mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, etc.

– Attendance and participation in Bankruptcy proceedings – Forensic.

– Assistance and studies of foreign investments inside and outside of Spain.

– Transactions between linked corporate bodies.

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